2019 Model Clearance Sale!


THIS WEEK ONLY, Motorworld and Caribbean Auto will be hosting a 2019 Model Clearance Sale!

Besides HUGE DISCOUNTS on various models, we are also offering customers zero Down-Payment, 100% In-House Financing. You can also use a bank of your choice! That means that you can pay $0 deposit, and drive home with your dream car/SUV/truck!

Be warned:
- Stocks are EXTREMELY limited!
- First come, first served!
- You've only got SEVEN DAYS!

In order to apply, we would need you to provide:

- Copy of your License
- Bank statements (last 3 months)
- ID/Passport
- Job Letter
- 3 Payroll Slips (last 3 months)
- Recent Utility Bill

Your co-signer would also have to bring these documents as well. If you can't have everything ready this week, gather what you can and visit us as soon as possible. We can reserve your vehicle while you gather the necessary paperwork!

Vehicles are already selling out. VISIT US TODAY!

You are also more than welcome to send us a message on our Facebook page, where we will be happy to assist you further!

0566-2019 CLOSE OUT SALE AD v2 small-min

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